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Fun With Electricity

November 6th, 2010 19:28 pm | by Ed |

Something that I have found to be one of the bigger problems over the last year or so is my electric bill. This first began to be a particularly bad problem this last summer when the temperature got really out of hand. Because of how bad it got, I had to use the air conditioning almost full time in order to keep the temperature inside the house at a level that at least approached livable. I can't even imagine how bad it would have been if I run it enough to allow me to be actually "comfortable" all of the time.

I have got an idea though. Fully realizing that it would of course require my house being for sale at a price I could afford, I would love to be able to install a rooftop sized array of solar panels and use them to charge an attic full of batteries.

Then the power from the batteries would be sent to a power converter which would provide the 120 volts AC house current needed to power as many devices as possible and at least take part of the load off of my electric bill.

At the very least I figure that even if I just started with just one solar panel and one battery, the system could be expanded as finances permitted to increase both the amount of power that it captured from the sun and how much it could store in batteries.

I don't suppose that something like this could entirely eliminate the need for power from the electric company but it would go a long way to making my bills a lot easier to look at. Of course, I need somebody to decide it'd make a good Christmas gift to get me started.

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