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Wrong Way Willie

November 12th, 2010 19:24 pm | by Ed |

I tried to warn him. Mr. Helpful tried to talk him out of it. Hell, even Mr. Pushy advised him to try something different. So also did many other Nutjob Hills residents but Willie just refused to listen to all of our advice and arguments.

He went ahead with his plan. He bought over fifty pounds of several varieties of chocolate and created a concoction with an assortment of dietary supplements. It didn't matter that smearing this mess all over his zit laden body was clearly NOT how to treat acne, regardless of how many inspired dreams he had while watching Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. But then again, he's not known as "wrong way" Willie without good reason.

This is the one guy that can get lost going to the bathroom in the house he's lived in for thirty years. He is the only guy in the world that *Literally* can not find his own butt with both hands and a flashlight!

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