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It's Backup Season Again

November 12th, 2010 20:24 pm | by Ed |

Ok, to be perfectly honest, it should *always* be "backup season" however in actual practice we all know that it seldom works that way. We go about our daily lives downloading this, creating that and never give the slightest thought to making backups of important stuff.

Then we hear a horror story about somebody else's nightmare of lost sale data or (OMG!) have one of our own and all of a sudden the topic of backups is suddenly at the forefront of our minds as we scramble to preserve what might not have been lost and make a fresh set of backup copies.

In my case, what brought the subject to mind was when I noticed last week that my 320gb hard drive was down to less than 70gb of free space. Most of that used space consisted of video project files and raw source files and of course, the resulting final videos. Because I make videos that I upload to youtube every single day, they tend to pile up quickly and next thing you know I'm starting to run out of space to keep them all.

I took care of part of the problem by deleting the project files for about four months worth of work and then burning the final videos to DVD. The problem is that there's a lot of those projects that I would have preferred to keep in the event I could use parts of them in future projects. But since space was at a premium and vanishing at the rate of something over 1.5 gigabytes per day they had to go.

Now If I'd had a large enough supply of blank DVD's I could have saved a lot of that stuff instead of deleting so much.

I've managed to free up what looks like a lot of space but I know full well that I'm going to run into this same problem again in a month or two. On the good side of this, I at least *finally* have an idea of what to say when people ask me what I want for Christmas... Blank DVD's, the more the better!

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