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Mowing The Lawn Didn't Used To Be A Chore

November 25th, 2010 11:01 am | by Ed |

That's true. There was a time, something like ten years ago, That I absolutely loved it when I could take some time every couple of weeks or so and mow the lawn. Of course, back then I had a new mower that I'd gotten on sale that made the job easy. It would always start on the first or second try and it had a twenty two inch cut. This machine worked great for years.

Now that once faithful mower hasn't started since the spring of '09. Combined with some intolerably hot weather, a weed eater that only works once in a while and a considerable increase in my own health issues, mowing the lawn has changed from a relaxing pastime to a chore that takes me most of a week to do a little bit at a time.

Obviously this won't do at all because the lawn still has to be cut. Otherwise, sooner or later somebody from code enforcement stops by and gives me seven days to get the entire lawn cut.

Since I can't afford to pay anybody else to do it and even if I could, paying somebody forty dollars to do a job that I used to do in two hours just cuts against the grain in the worst possible way. Also, long gone are the days when you could pay a neighborhood kid a couple bucks to do it. Now even they want ten and twenty dollars to cut an average lawn.

What I really need is one of these robot lawn mowers. Something like this would make the job a LOT easier, All I'd have to do is clear the fallen tree limbs and rocks out of the yard and set up some perimeter wire around the area that needs to be want cut and then turn the machine loose.

It would then proceed to crisscross the area, automatically avoiding obstacles like the propane tank and the trees in my front yard, mulching the grass as it goes. There would still be a few areas that I would need to get with the weed eater but with the robot doing the lion's share of the work I would have a MUCH easier time of keeping the grass cut and I would NOT have to deal with any more visits from code enforcement OR the occasional nasty look I get from the neighbors with their perfectly manicured lawns.

Now All I need to do is find a well off relative and convince them that this would make an absolutely perfect Christmas gift. Truly, I SO want one of these!! More than that, I actually need one!

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