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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

November 26th, 2010 18:10 pm | by Ed |

What happens to a laptop when a cooling fan fails and it ends up overheating really badly on a regular basis for a protracted period of time?

Generally you can pretty much count on one of two things. Either it will simply fail outright and stop working completely or it will suffer a gradual degradation of performance with the CPU running slower and slower over time even after the cooling problem is cured.

That's the problem that my brother is having right now with is laptop. It's a good machine that he got on sale a few years ago and has, for the most part, performed well. Then one day the CPU cooling fan in it died and the machine started to overheat. It would reach a point where it was so overheated that it would actually shut down and refuse to start until it had time to cool off.

Once he knew that the cooling fan had failed he did manage to compensate by using a cooling pad and an external fan to keep the temperature within operating limits but by that time the damage had already been done. In the months since then a program that can check the CPU status, frequency, temperature and so on has been showing a steady decline in the machine's clock speed.

What started out as a 1.4ghz machine is now running at around 350mhz. Obviously it's only a matter of time before the machine fails entirely. This thing needs desperately to be replaced so that he won't have to lose money because of it's not working.

That's where this Toshiba Laptop comes in. Christmas is approaching and I think that it would make just about THE ideal gift. Not only is the machine new, it's built with newer technology than his old one and would be capable of much more than the old machine used to be before it started dying on him.

Now that I've found the perfect gift, all I need is for that crate of hundred dollar bills to fall into my driveway so that I can get that and a whole mess of other things that the entire family needs.

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