Above The Law

NO, This is not a movie review.

I only wish it were.

Unfortunately the reason for this post being titled what it is has to do with certain alleged people that apparently consider themselves above the law, as in, it apparently does not apply to them.

You see, around here, just like in most places these days there are laws prohibiting the use of cell phones by the driver of a vehicle. There’s also more law prohibiting texting while driving.

Yet it never ceases to amaze me just how often I see idiots driving in rush hour traffic with one hand on the wheel and the other hand holding their ever present cell phones up to their ears, jabbering away like the mindless boobs they are.

Of course it’s always extras special to see some idiot kid riding around, using his or her knees to steer while they use both hands to send & receive text messages on said cell phone.

You think maybe it would do some good to pass a law making it legal to stop such an idiot, drag them out of the car and shove the cell phone into that dark, dank, smelly recess where the sun never shines?

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One thought on “Above The Law”

  1. Don’t you know that it would be called ‘child abuse’ to make sure that they do not know how they are endangering others’ lives? You seem to have forgotten that this society is permissive of anything except for common sense. Yes, that is sarcasm speaking. After all, I consider that my life is more important than some juvenile commenting on someone wearing the same clothes as the idiot who is texting.

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