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He Heard But Didn't Listen

December 17th, 2010 14:29 pm | by Ed |

Joey Jr. is a decent enough kid. The one problem with him however is the fact that he's not very good at paying attention to what people say to him. Usually he only pays full attention to the first few words of what you say to him and tunes out for the rest of it.

For example recently he was talking about wanting to go into business selling some art that he does. He's not bad and there should be a decent market for it. He was asking about what he'd need and I told him he'd need to look over POS systems online and find one that suited his situation to handle recording sales, tracking inventory and so on. Along the way I did catch myself and point out that POS in this context means "point of sale" but as usual, he didn't hear that part.

Instead, he was completely puzzled as to why I would recommend that he look into getting a Piece Of S**T System to do anything. It took another ten minutes to get him to understand what I had said before.

If he ever gets over this "super-add", he ought to do well.

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