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Innovation Can Be Weird

December 18th, 2010 20:35 pm | by Ed |

Just as necessity is the mother of invention, those inventions and innovations that result from said necessity can sometimes take some really odd or even dare I say, outright weird forms.

Like the time last year when Ralph J. was flat broke and freezing in his home in spite of the fact that the furnace was running most of the time. It turned out that he needed a new filter. The old one was SO ultra-clogged that hardly any air was getting through it at all. Because he was flat broke at the time, he made a makeshift furnace filter out of a water filter. Not just any water filter, he used something like a hundred coffee filters and stapled them together until it was big enough and thick enough to do the job without getting torn apart by the airflow.

It sounds really weird but it let enough air get to his furnace that he stopped freezing all the time.

I would not recommend trying it of course.

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