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An Odd Collector

December 20th, 2010 12:14 pm | by Ed |

Here in Nutjob Hills we've got what I consider is, to say the absolute very least, a rather eccentric group of collectors. These people collect everything from shoes to computer monitors to antique toothpaste tubes, world war one hand grenades and more.

Joe-Bob's third cousin twice removed, Bob-Joe is one of this group. His collection is of cubic zirconia engagement rings. He's got at least one of every such ring that has been mass produced since they first appeared some years ago. They're all arranged neatly in display cases that take up every bit of available free space in his home, his garage, and two of those portable steel buildings that he has put up in his back yard.

The one thing that's interesting about this is that everybody around knows about this collection and in over ten years he has not had even one single robbery attempt in spite of the fact that it's also well known that he seldom, if ever, locks his home when he leaves.

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