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Jumping The Gun

December 20th, 2010 13:52 pm | by Ed |

The new neighbors that moved in last summer are getting ready for winter and they're doing it up big time. They are covering all of the bases. They have taken both of their cars to be serviced and fully winterized, starting with the usual lube & oil and then continuing to triple check the battery & charging system, ignition system and cooling system. They've replaced the tires and more.

They have done just as much if not more getting their home ready. They've replaced all the weatherstripping on their doors & windows, stocked up on furnace filters, and covered all of their windows inside and out with clear plastic.

Then yesterday they went out and got a brand new ariens snow blower. I tried to tell them that while it does snow around here a little, it's never nearly enough to justify one of those babys. They'd be much better off making sure that they're ready to be able to drive safely on ice covered roads.

Then I saw the two hundred pounds of road salt going into the trunk of each car.


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