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The EYE Is Watching You!

December 22nd, 2010 08:26 am | by Ed |

In the last ten years or so there's been a lot of talk about how modern America is becoming a surveilance society, meaning that more and more we are being watched.

Don't believe me?

The next time you leave your home take a look around and try counting how many video cameras you see. You'll find them in stores, outside those stores watching the parking lot, banks, and a whole host of other places. Don't forget the essentially hidden cameras in ATM machines. Ok, they're not exactly hidden but frankly, people don't even really notice them unless they're pointed out once in a while but the fact is that any time you do something at an ATM machine, your picture is being taken and many more of them will keep video of your visit as well.

Now I understand that from a security standpoint it makes sense. If nothing else companies are trying to do two things with these hidden and not so hidden cameras. First, they're trying to deter theft or at least make it easier to catch thieves. Second, they're also very interested in covering their butts. In the event of a lawsuit (especially bogus lawsuits) they can trot out that security footage and show what really happened.

However with all this comes the fact that privacy is taking a major hit as well. Where do we draw the line and say "No, you can't put a camera there"?

I'm very much in favor of security and being secure. I agree 100% with being able to identify and catch thieves and people trying to pull scams and press bogus lawsuits. I also believe very strongly in privacy and consider it to be one of those basic human rights that we all have that cannot be lightly taken away.

The question is: How do we strike a balance here?

I don't know the answer but while people argue over it, more security cameras are going up every day.

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