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The Buyback Movement: Cash For Old Gadgets

July 16th, 2008 23:58 pm | by Ed |

With the oil companies doing their level best to put the economy belly up, lots of people are turning to more and more ways to conserve the cash. One option that many have overlooked until now involves getting some cash out of old hardware that they're not using anymore.

Lots of people, when they get a new cellphone, computer, ipod, blackberry or whatever, the old hardware doesn't actually get thrown out unless it's physically damaged. Instead, it just gets put away somewhere to collect dust and take up space.

Now, companies like TechForward offers a guaranteed buyback plan for those who replace their gadgets within two years. Among other things, you can get cash for laptops, desktops, DVD and MP3 players.

One thing however that I'm certain that many people aren't thinking about is the privacy factor. Face it, that old computer could still contain a lot of stuff on it that you'd rather didn't turn up in the wrong hands such as account numbers, passwords and so on.

Same thing goes for your old cellphone. Unless you take the time to follow the often complicated instructions, then your address book, stored SMS messages and so on are still in that phone. It may be a royal P.I.T.A. but it's well worth making sure that it's been wiped clean before passing it on to somebody else.

With computers you're best off uninstalling all of the software that isn't part of windows and then using something like the freeware app "Eraser Portable" to deleting all of the files that you don't want passed on and then, just for good measure, wipe the free space on the drive and then finally format the hard drive completely. Once you've got that done you can optionally re-install Windows (or better yet, Linux!) with the bare bones install.

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