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Poodle Disappointment

January 2nd, 2011 09:05 am | by Ed |

I heard yesterday that a couple who live in the "rich" part of town who have what they say is a really valuable (translate that: unnecessarily expensive) pair of poodles. As you can probably guess, these dogs are their pride and joy. They've been trying to get them to breed for a while now and when the female turned up pregnant they were thrilled.

Well, that thrill turned to shock when the pups arrived. Not one of them even remotely resembles a poodle. Two bear a resemblance to German Shepherds one kinda looks like there's some Lab in there and the rest just look like common mutts (their words).

Obviously a dog that wasn't supposed to managed to jump the fence and have his way and leave without being detected by the owners. They are, to say the least, furious. They're actually demanding that a dog dna test be given to every dog in town until they find the one that fathered those pups so that they can sue the owner for spoiling their poodles. I think that they ought to just give the pups away to people who actually want them and then do something sensible like make their fence higher and keep the dogs inside when they aren't right there to prevent things like this from happening again.

A lawsuit isn't going to fix anything.

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