My Remastering Project

Just a couple of weeks shy of a year ago I started making a video series that I called “Talking to my many selves” (links to the playlist on youtube) in which I explored what it might be like if somebody were to encounter various parts of his personality “in person”.

While I still think that it was a great idea and in fact will be making more in that series beginning later this month. I also have to be the first to admit that certain aspects of the production quality in those originals left a LOT to be desired.

The sound sucked incredibly bad in all of them due to a constant hiss and the sound of my computer fans (and sometimes the furnace) running in the background. They were all rendered at “preview” quality and a very low bitrate of 500kbps. In several cases the chroma key effect I used failed pretty badly. Finally, they were not stand alone videos. Instead they were each part of a regular daily vlog.

Because in the year since they were made I’ve learned a lot of ways to improve them and have a MUCH better computer to render them with. I have decided to re-open those original project files and apply all I’ve learned to them.

First up is to make them stand alone videos, removing the parts of them that were just daily vlogs. I’m adding opening titles, end credits and background music. I am also exporting all of the audio tracks one at a time and using Audacity to remove the background noise that made some of the dialog hard to understand.

All of the chroma key settings are being re-worked as well, and parts of the video where I used Bezier masking are getting fine tuned also. After that, I’m going through all video clips used and applying color correction.

Finally, instead of the 500kbps “preview quality” .WMV that they were originally rendered as, I’m rendering them as .MP4 files with quality set to “best” and the bitrate is 4mbps.

I’m not quite finished with the project because I’ve decided that there are a few scenes that need to be re-shot from scratch but when it’s done you’ll be able to look at the remastered versions and see (and hear!) a huge difference from the originals. Once all of the remastered versions are uploaded to youtube it will be time to start making new episodes in that series.

Here’s the embeded version of the original version playlist. I think you’ll agree with me that while a good idea, the implementation came out really bad.

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