Bumps In The Road to Digital Tv?

It’s looking like there are some at least. One of the first indicators of trouble is the chief of the agency charged with handling the transition has resigned “to pursue new opportunities“.

Quick recap: on Feb 18, 2009 analog tv signals will be turned off. At that point, if you don’t either have a digital tv or a digital reciever in a ‘set top box’ to convert the digital signal to something your analog set can receive, then your old analog set will just sit there as a decoration.

This agency is charged with handling the transition.. they’ve spent 1.5 Billion for converter boxes to enable old sets to continue to be useful. The problem is that they’ve only set aside 5 million of that for education.. which means that a LOT of people don’t know about this or what to do about it.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has a program that will start after the first of the year making available two $40 coupons to each household so that they can buy two converter boxes. But almost nobody knows about this, where to get the coupons, where to USE the coupons… etc..

Some serious education is needed here and fast.

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