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Ubuntu Install Gone Bad

July 20th, 2008 21:36 pm | by Ed |

I was trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 today and ran into a problem.

The machine is a 333mhz pentium 2 w/ 384mb ram. A couple days before I had booted the 'live cd' and run it for a while to try it out and it worked fine. Today, I changed the hard drive for one I didn't mind formatting and decided to go for the install.

Once again I booted from the Cd and selected the "install ubuntu" option.

It looks like everything is working fine and then there's a few errors that I've no idea what they meant and that's followed by a stream of errors that's hard to read because they're flying by so fast but it looked like some kind of block read error followed by a 8 or 12 digit hex number

When it finally halted this was showing:


Followed by a really long string of hex codes that I wasn't even about to try copying by hand.

If anybody has got a clue what the problem might be and more importantly, what the fix might be I'd really appreciate it.

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