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Reducing Insulin Resistance

January 18th, 2011 19:46 pm | by Ed |

One of the things that I hope to accomplish as part and parcel with my efforts to lose weight is to eliminate my high blood sugar problem. I know already that losing weight by itself will help with achieving this goal but there are other factors such as insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is when the body is resistant to and cannot properly process insulin, which leads to high blood sugar problems. I was doing some research about it and ran across, which talks about a dietary supplement called chromium polynicotinate. Apparently it's a form of chromium that's bound to Naicin (vitamin B3) that the body needs certain trace amounts of to help it deal with insulin and blood sugar properly.

My next big quest in this research is to find some locally and give it a sort of "test drive" to see it's effects for myself.

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