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Da Boss

January 21st, 2011 13:05 pm | by Ed |

This guy isn't really the boss, he just does his level best to come across that way (kinda like a 'the godfather' type) and while it's true that most of the locals around here know full well that he's not 'da boss man', a lot of them will play along and humor him.

Partly I think they do it because he's a harmless guy that never really amounted to much in life and this is his way of pretending that he's more than he turned out to be. He sits in the Nutjob Hills diner at 'his' table most of the day drinking coffee and smoking an occasional sancho panza cigar. (the Nutjob Hills diner is one of the few places left in the western world where you won't get tossed out on your arse for lighting up). In a way he's kinda like a cat. Sitting there sort of supervising the world in his own inscrutable way.

and yes, people do call him "Da Boss", even though he really isn't.

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