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But I Don't Wanna Be A Flasher!

January 21st, 2011 14:13 pm | by Ed |

The only downside to losing weight (yes, there actually is one.) is now that I have lost a little over 30 pounds in the last three months and a total of 50 pounds in the last year, almost none of my clothes fit right anymore.

This means that if I don't make it a point to hold onto the waistband of my shorts or sweatpants they are subject to hit the ground at any time with little or no notice at all. While I admit that there is a certain amount of humorous, shock value, potential in this it's generally not a good idea.

This means that I really should take the time and invest in some new men's clothing in sizes that fit better. The only reason that I don't is because I'm only one third of the way to my goal and anything I buy now is going to fit me like a tent in three or four months. I just can't see spending the money to do that until I reach my goal and my size becomes more stable.

Once that happens, the idea of starting to buy a new wardrobe will sound pretty good. For one thing it'll be nice to be able to find jeans in my size again without having to buy something that looks like it was made in a tent factory!

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