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By Any Other Name

January 28th, 2011 13:29 pm | by Ed |

Mr. Pushy is back. Although this time he claims it's really only just a vacation (we'll see about that as time and actions tell the tale) instead of a personal quest to sell something to every citizen of Nutjob Hills. A quest that he never did fulfill (thankfully).

So far he's been doing the tourist thing, visiting all of the local sites and some of the many local museums. I was talking to him yesterday at the Nutjob Hills diner and it seems he's gotten a promotion and instead of being a high level salesman he is now in charge of processing applicants for merchandiser jobs in his sector of the country. When I asked him what that was he gave me a long winded explanation that, when boiled down, translated to a fancy term for retail sales agents.

I'm just hoping that he doesn't give in to temptation and start trying once again to sell improbably products to people that don't need them and really cannot afford them.

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