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Don't Worry, The Mouse Will Live

July 29th, 2008 12:54 pm | by Ed |

I don't know quite what the deal is but lately I've been seeing stories that are trying to push the idea that the mouse as a computer input device is going to die out. The latest I've seen of these stories is an over dramatic Bold type headline on PC Magazine "Computer mouse heading for extinction".

Yeah, there's new things coming along and yeah, the Wii along with other new gadgets and ideas are making sweeping changes in how a lot of people think about input devices but I still doubt very seriously that the faithful mouse is going anywhere.

speaking of the Wii, have I mentioned how much I absolutely *HATE* the name of that thing?

In fact, I seem to remember very clearly how people made the same kind of predictions when the touchpad technology used almost universally on laptops to provide mouse functions today was first developed. Then, as now, there were all these fanciful predictions that the mouse would die out within a few short years.

Now nearly a decade or more since then most of us are still using a mouse. Heck, Mine isn't even one of those fancy schmancy cordless optical things. It's an old fashioned black three button/wheel device from Belkin with a cord coming out of it and ball in it that I'm going to keep using for quite a while to come.

Similarly, I don't doubt that in five years (or even ten) the majority of computer users will still be using the same kind of mouse technology that they're using now.

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