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He's Not Just Late For Halloween

January 30th, 2011 17:40 pm | by Ed |

I have to admit though that when I first say Mr. Helpful the other day I thought perhaps that he was somehow either really late for Halloween or very early for next Halloween or perhaps he was playing some kind of practical joke on somebody. That last one was a bit of a stretch though because he's never been much of a practical joker.

What caused me to think this was the wires that I saw coming out of his shirt pocket and going under his clothes. It turned out that they were attached to various points on his body. He explained that he was wearing an electric muscle stimulator, a device that is intended to stimulate the muscles to improve tone and also provide a certain amount of workout without him actively working out.

I was more than a little skeptical at first which of course, inspired him to explain in detail how Muscular electro-stimulation has been an accepted therapy for years and that the device in question has been cleared by the FDA and is NOT just some kind of whack job invention that's more likely to electrocute you than anything else.

Still, It kinda makes me wonder if one day he's going to pull a Terminator on me and cut the skin off of his arm to show a cybernetic structure underneath.

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