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Revisiting A Stalled Freenet Project

February 4th, 2011 23:55 pm | by Ed |

Roughly a little over a year ago I began a project in which I was planning to make a series of videos that would start out by explaining a bit of what Freenet classic opennet is, give an overview of how it works and then proceed to walk the potential user through downloading, installing and using freenet and several freenet applications.

Along the way I became sidetracked by other concerns and was forced to put the project on hold after the first freenet video was made so that I could deal with them. While those concerns are far from completely dealt with, I think I've progressed far enough that I can afford to take the time to bring that project out to mothballs and get more of those videos made.

So this weekend I'm going to be doing the next video in the series, walking the user through downloading and installing freenet, getting their new node operating.

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