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Who In Their Right Mind Capets A Bathroom?

February 6th, 2011 16:24 pm | by Ed |

That question has bothered me for several years now. You see, my bathroom is carpeted. It was carpeted when I moved in. It's something I have never understood why anyone would use anything even remotely like carpet on a bathroom floor. I personally would use laminate flooring, tile, linoleum or even bare cement before I would use carpet.

The reason why I don't want carpet in the bathroom should be obvious. It's the one room in the house that is flat out guaranteed to have to endure water spills. Carpeting just is not up to this. Especially when the carpeting is on a particle board surface.

The carpet gets wet, the water soaks into the floor and eventually the particle board floor comes apart because the older particle board used in the construction of this house is made with a water soluble glue. Next thing you know the bathroom floor becomes more and more dangerous to set foot on and it WILL eventually have to be replaced at an enormous cost.

Obviously it makes infinitely more sense to just use a waterproof flooring in the first place.

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