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You're Asking ME?

February 6th, 2011 18:21 pm | by Ed |

In spite of what I wrote recently about Valentine's day being very much just another day to me, every once in a while I still occasionally get people asking me what I think would be a good idea for a gift for their significant so-and-so other.

Exactly why it is that they persist in asking me things like this I cannot explain except to say that I *do* live in Nutjob Hills and therefore normal reasoning does not always apply.

Lately I've taken to giving the easiest answers I can think of. Such as suggesting that they look up some personalized creations coupon codes and look through the hundreds of personalized gift items they've got. I figure that in all that, surely they ought to find something that's "right" regardless of how eccentric the person is that they're buying for.

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