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Long Distance

February 8th, 2011 11:22 am | by Ed |

Freddy's got a problem (no, I'm not talking about Freddy Krueger). You see he's got this long distance relationship thing going on. They started out together here in Nutjob Hills but then it came time for his girl to head off to college. As you might expect, they both promised that they would be the ones to make the long distance relationship thing work.

Now it's approaching their first Valentine's day apart and he's going nuts trying to A, come up with the "perfect" flower arrangement and B, figure out how to pack it so that he can ship it and get it to her in time.

After hearing about how he's tried no less than a dozen times to come up with a packing arrangement that wouldn't destroy the flowers, I just had to casually mention that the online florist ProFlowers does this sort of thing all the time and all things considered, they've got enough experience to know what they're doing when it comes to that very problem.

I only had to drop a couple of such hints before Freddy finally decided to check 'em out. He learned in short order that he could save himself a boatload of stress and aggravation this way AND get the flowers to his girl in time.

Now all he's got to do is figure out how to hold her attention over the long haul while she's 1500 miles away.

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