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Why I Stopped Buying Minutes For My Cell Phone

February 17th, 2011 08:54 am | by Ed |

A little over two and a half years ago I think it was my wife and I got a cell phone. She used it quite a bit because she was taking advantage of the free mobile to mobile airtime to make calls that would otherwise cost a small fortune in long distance bills.

After she died however I found that I personally had little to no use for it. At first I kept minutes on it and carried it around in case I needed to call for emergency assistance or make an extremely rare call while I was out. The thing is though that I was not using it very much at all. I made *maybe* two calls per month on it.

This to me didn't justify buying airtime. Especially since the minutes I bought would expire if not used within thirty days and had to be bought in a minimum of $15.00 at a time. I could have had a 90 day expiration but that would have cost me $25.00 and I still would not have been able to use even half of that airtime in 90 days which means that again most of what I was paying for was being wasted.

So I stopped buying airtime and let the SIM card expire. I still have the phone and I still keep it's battery charged. I use it's alarm function when I need an alarm clock.

Other than that, it's a paperweight. If it were a smartphone I'm sure I would have more use for it though I doubt that I would buy airtime for it. Instead I would use it's Wi-Fi capabilities and it's video camera would become part of my vlogging arsenel.

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