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Justin Bieber Is Good For Something After All!

February 20th, 2011 22:51 pm | by Ed |

Some of you may remember a Nutjob Hills citizen known as "Fat Freddie". He was on a quest to lose an enormous amount of weight and not only that, he wanted to do it as quickly as he could.

Well, it seems that while he is not even close to his goal and he's still pursuing all kinds of weight loss diets, exercise plans and so on to help him lose weight. He has apparently stumbled on to something powerful.

Something that's helped him lose a hundred and fifty pounds so far!

It's amazing how simple this is. He got a Justin Beiber album and every time he got hungry, he played it. POOF! his appetite vanished and he could go another several hours without eating.

So the Bieber *IS* good for something after all.

Good luck Freddie!

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