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It's Past Time To Change Captchas!

February 22nd, 2011 11:39 am | by Ed |

I'm talking specifically about the captchas used on youtube (although ALL captchas need to address this issue!)

For Youtube's captchas they need to address several things, not the least of which is the human readability factor. For people like myself whose vision isn't what it used to be those things are a nightmare. I regularly have to hit the option to get a new one twenty to thirty times before I am presented one that I can actually read.

And before you suggest it, the audio option is even worse than the visual, so much noise is added to defeat voice recognition software that I simply can't hear ANY of the actual captcha code.

Urgo6667, the guy who create the SocialBlade youtube stats tracking site has made a video in which he is addressing these issues and is trying to get youtube's attention on the subject so that something can be done to fix the problem.

You can help by watching the video, leaving a comment on it, hitting thumbs up for it on youtube, favoriting it and sharing it with others that hate captchas and have problems with them.

Together we CAN make a difference!

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