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My Latest Discovery

March 26th, 2011 11:07 am | by Ed |

It's no secret that last Tuesday I started feeling sick like I had the flu. This put a big dent in my ability to get any of my work done. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I barely managed to get videos made for my youtube channel. Thursday I had the "oh so wonderful" experience of discovering that I was peeing blood. Not a lot mind you but ANY is a bad thing. This caused me to end up in the ER.

Fortunately the doc thinks that this is probably just an infection and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and painkiller. A couple days later I'm feeling a lot better.

In the meantime though, I *really* wasn't up to getting much of anything done. I started watching youtube videos, both to catch up on my subscriptions and because I really wasn't up to much more than that.

Then I saw this video by a friend about the beginning of an adventure in a game called Minecraft.

It took me only a few minutes to get totally hooked on it. Yep, totally hooked. In spite of the fact that the graphics look sorta like the old blocky 8 bit stuff from back in the early 1980's. It's the strategy and unlimited design potential that got me.

Now if I were like the wealthier people whose bank accounts I often envy I would have been glad to cash in a few silver bullion bars if needed to get a copy of it and start playing myself. Fortunately for me it didn't take anywhere near that kind of resource to get.

As a result of watching his videos about it and the time I've spent playing it since Thursday, I am going to be making some Minecraft videos of my own. Partly because it really is an interesting game and partly because I just plain want to show off what I have been building in it.

I'll be sure to post here when I get the first of those videos uploaded.

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