Good Headphones Are Hard To Find

About eight months ago I pulled a really klutzy move. Without realizing it I had managed to get my foot tangled up in the cord to my headphones. When I got up and left the computer I managed to pull the cord right out of the plugs that goe into the computer’s mic and speaker jacks. This essentially destroyed the headphones.

I couldn’t just try to wire new plugs in place because the headphones had a very small circuit wired into the volume control on the cord and the wires were also pulled out of it in the process.

Since I used that headset a lot for part of my video making it needed to be replaced a.s.a.p. The problem is that my local stores somehow managed to not carry decent headphones that also have a good boom microphone and I had no desire to *just* get a microphone. I used the headphones even more than the mic and needed both.

So I started reading headphone reviews on sites all over the place, trying to find one that would both do the jobs I needed it for and not cost an arm and a leg.

I can’t say exactly why but it took me a week to finally find a decent logitech unit for a good price. Yeah, I tried putting “cheap microphone headset” and similar variations into search engines and still came up with stuff that cost over $60 when my budget was less than half of that.

I realize that good equipment is going to cost more but really, some of us don’t have deep enough pockets for anything but the least expensive thing that will actually do the job.

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