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Fat Freddie's Problem

March 30th, 2011 14:52 pm | by Ed |

One of the local Nutjob Hills weight loss heros, Fat Freddie, who is known for having lost over a hundred and fifty pounds has run into a problem.

While he is actually getting close to having lost two hundred pounds he still has a LOT more abdomen than he wants. Ok, taking the 'nice' off of that, he's still got quite a bit of his old gut. His weight loss continues but currently no matter what he does he hasn't managed to get the gut under control.

Naturally this problem didn't take very long from the time he first had something to say about the (very) obvious until Mr. Helpful heard about it. (I swear I think that man has this town wired for sound!) The next day he shows up with a solution in the form of a milk carton full of abdominal cuts review and exercise plans that were designed specifically to target the gut.

Being the determined (and just a tad desperate) soul that he is, Fat Freddie jumped on the stuff. Of course it's way too soon to know but he's convinced that this new plan is going to help him get the uncooperative gut under control once and for all.

Here's hoping it works. Too many of Mr. Helpful's ideas sound much better in theory than they work out in actual practice.

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