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A Youtube Epiphany

March 30th, 2011 16:36 pm | by Ed |

I was getting caught up on my subscription videos on youtube this morning when I saw a video titled "Rebecca Black - Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - Social Media - Haters Spread Love -" by youtuber ProjectCarTV

In this video he used the massive amount of hate spawned by the Rebecca Black video to illustrate a point he's spent several videos talking about. Ratings and comments, regardless of whether they're good or bad are to a video what human growth hormone is to making adults out of children. Whether you hit "like" or "dislike" on a video it doesn't matter. In the end both of those choices are one thing: A rating.

It doesn't matter if ten thousand or a hundred thousand people hit thumbs down on a video, that's not going to do anything but add to the count of ratings. If the pattern continues long enough, and there's no reason to expect that it won't, that video could easily end up being the most watched video of all time as well as the most rated of all time.

As of this morning it's got over 64 MILLION views and millions of ratings with more coming in almost every second. That seemingly non stop flood of ratings, good or bad (mostly bad) are driving that video to the top of all of Youtube's most popular lists.

Here's ProjectCarTV's video. Take a look at it and pay attention to what he's saying about ratings and comments. After that, I'll explain what all this has to do with my videos and what my big epiphany is.

What does this have to do with me and my videos?

As I watched this video it dawned on me that I had a (much smaller scale) example of this in my own videos. You see in December of '09 I made a parody of Ray William Johnson's popular Equals Three that I called Equals Pie (an Equals Three Parody)".

I posted it as a video response to one of Ray's videos that was recent at the time and It immediately started drawing traffic from RWJ fans. The thing is, A LOT of them came to the video specifically to post comments accusing me of copying Ray or to say a variety of things about me, many of which were pretty nasty.

A lot of them also made it a point to give it a negative rating simply because I had dared to parody their beloved RWJ. But that's not the important part.

It is now well over a year later and they're STILL doing it!

In terms of the number of ratings and comments this is, without any doubt, my single most successful video hands down.

What do you do when something is successful? You do that same thing again!

WHY I never thought of this before now is a mystery but I have decided that I'm going to see if lightning will strike twice. I'm going to make more of these Equals Three parodies. The one difference is that I'm going to call it "Equals Pi" instead of "Equals Pie". That's probably a minor distinction to most but it's important to me. I'm certain that RWJ fans aren't going to care. Instead they're going to do what they do best, try their level best to get to me with their comments and thumbs down ratings.

The thing is, their comments aren't going to bother me a bit regardless of how many times they call me Santa or how many vile things they accuse me of being. Every comment, every rating, is just another push increasing the popularity of the video. I'll just keep making them and keep posting them as video responses to whatever of RWJ's videos is current at the time and more and more of his 3,230,382 subscribers will do most if not all of the promotion work for me.

Like I said earlier, Why I never thought of this before now is a mystery to me. This idea might just be pure genius. Or it could be pure fail. Either way, it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

Oh yeah, here's that =3 parody of mine that I'm talking about.... Enjoy, comment, rate, troll, hate, like, subscribe.

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