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MineCraft -1- A Tour Of What I've Done So Far

March 26th, 2011 15:53 pm | by Ed |

In a recent post I talked about discovering an absolutely addicting and thoroughly engrossing game called Minecraft through a new video series that was launched by youtube star Olinselot on his killingfunny channel.

Given the combination of the "I've just GOT to have this game" factor and the fact that it's actually quite inexpensive as games go these days, I twisted my finances into a knot and got the game.

I started playin on March 24th and On the 26th I uploaded this first video to my selif1 channel.

In this video I mostly take some time to show off a bit, giving a tour of the place that I had built over the preceding couple of days and outline some of my plans for what I want to do next.

Given the awesomely fantastic response this video got it guaranteed that I would be continuing the series. Though honestly, I would continue even if almost nobody watched them just because of how much fun I'm having with it.

In any event, I've rattled on long enough, here's the video. If you like it please be sure to hit thumbs up on youtube and subscribe for more!

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