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Christmas Tech Gifts Have Changed

August 24th, 2008 11:25 am | by Ed |

It's not much of a surprise I suppose that when it comes to tech type gifts, most people today would rather receive a new phone, a new computer, an xbox 360 or one of those Japanese things that people are raving about so much these days.

While stuff like this is all fine and I personally would love to get a new state of the art fully decked out computer system, there's something else to consider.

As education in this country has declined, the market for things that encourage electronic, computer related and just plain technological & scientific learning is shrinking. How many kids today would like to get an electronics project kit where they learn basic electronic principles and build actual working circuits themselves?

What percentage would want a new computer badly enough to build it from a kit and in the process actually learn something about the hardware of the thing's innards and some of how and why it works?

The answer is that sadly, far fewer than twenty or thirty years ago. Back in the 1970's I'd have been willing to hand assemble entire circuit boards to and build the whole machine myself if I could have find and been able to afford such a kit. Heck, if it meant ending up with a new dual core laptop with 4 gigs of memory and a few hundred gigs of hdd I'd do it now. How many kids today would be willing to do something like that to get a computer? Not many. In fact, entirely too few.

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