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Minecraft -14- TNT 101

April 20th, 2011 13:19 pm | by Ed |

I've gotten several more levels done on the pit mine, finding a fair amount of coal and even a bit of iron now and then. I'll be glad when it's deep enough for iron to show up more often though.

In the meantime I have been spending a lot more nighttime hours perched on a 1x1 dirt pillar high enough to be out of bowshot of skeletons, sniping creepers, zombies & skeletons and also making note of where the skeletons & zombies burn in the morning so I can collect the arrows & feathers.

It's been just successful enough to keep me supplied with arrows and has also allowed me to build up a small supply of gunpowder. Which I use in a brief overview of how to make and use TNT, giving a few safety tips before doing some blasting.

Of course, no sooner do I brag about not having problems with creepers I manage to get blown to pieces twice because I wasn't looking at my surroundings!

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