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German File Sharers Get Safe Line

August 24th, 2008 22:50 pm | by Ed |

I just ran across an item on TorrentFreak that gives some hope for file sharing enthusiasts.

It seems that the German judicial system has been overrun by various anti-P2P efforts to prosecute anybody that shares a music track or movie with somebody else. As part of an effort that I suppose is intended to free up some legal resources for more serious things. Specifically:

"those sharing files for personal, non-commercial uses, will no longer be the target of a lawsuit".

I certainly hope that the US courts can somehow be convinced to follow suit (pun intended) and implement such a ruling here. The RIAA and MPAA would probably lose out on a few franchise opportunities but I'm sure there's not going to be a whole lot of people getting really upset.

After making the decision not to prosecute "personal file sharing", prosecutors then defined it by saying that anything with damages under 3,000 euros will not be prosecuted. The damages on music tracks is 1 euro, which means that a person could share 2,999 music tracks without fear of prosecution. Damages on movies are set at 15 euros which means that same person could share 199 movies without worry. Of course it was also stated that new movies still in theaters wouldn't get quite the same treatment.

There was also a comment on that article with some good advice for German file sharers:

Don’t get all over exited yet.

This is simply the decision of SOME very frustrated state prosecutors for their district only in order to reduce the amount of filesharing cases.

Other state prosecutors AND courts might see things differently.

I’d say, stay well below 10% of those figures for the time being.

And expect HEAVY political lobbying …

So, the jury is still out on the issue but there is at least SOME hope for sanity.

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