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Remember When ...

August 24th, 2008 22:45 pm | by Ed |

Remember when..

...A ten megabyte hard drive was considered monstrous (and expensive too!)

... "floppy" disks were actually flexible

... Those same "floppy" disks were 5.25 inches and you could only store data on one side of them.

... "640K of ram is enough for anybody"

... The only "color monitor" choices were amber, green or white text.

... Nobody had a "Graphical User Interface"

... Windows were something you opened to get fresh air

... If you had a mouse, you bought traps, poison or a cat to get rid of it.

... The first time somebody asked you "Which one is the 'any' key?"

... Everybody shared music by making copies on cassette tapes and NOBODY CARED

... Eight track tapes were everywhere

... Most "home computers" were built from kits or even just plans

... 1200 baud was considered lighting fast

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