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A Gerbil Goes To Minecraft World

April 28th, 2011 12:52 pm | by Ed |

I'm sure that at least some readers are familiar with Bob, the gerbil (who is often mistaken for a hamster) who has appeared in many of my videos. He's always been not only very opinionated and somewhat sarcastic but he also has a rather high opinion of himself.

Like The Troll, he also has dreams of being something of a king (if not a global dictator), put simply he thinks that he can do a better job of running things than most people.

Well, now he has the chance to prove it. He's embarked on a trip to another universe where Minecraft is reality. His only complaints about being chosen to go is that he could not swing by Big Agnes Hagar House and pick up a tent and camping gear nor was he allowed to bring his copy of "Babes of Star Trek Gone wild" with him. Instead he has to go like everyone else does into Minecraft... with nothing.

His task is to start from nothing and build his empire while surviving the giant spiders, zombies, skeletons and the explosive creepers that inhabit that world.

This video is his first day in that world. Over time there will be updates on his progress showing what he's built and explored.

Will he live up to his bragging? Only time will tell.

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