OMG! Torches That Burn Out?

Ok so I’ve seen mention in several places over the last couple weeks that at some point Notch (the creator of Minecraft) is going to eventually change how torches are coded in the game so that they will eventually burn out and need to be relit with a flint and steel.

Given how freely torches are used I can see that being a monster of a problem with hundreds, even thousands of torches all over the place burning out. It would easily be a full time job just keeping them lit.

Maybe a good idea would be to come up with a redstone powered variation on the torch that would be like the Minecraft equivalent of led outdoor lighting. Something that would provide plenty of light and last pretty much forever. Because it would be redstone powered it would cost a bit more to make than torches do now but would solve the relighting problem.

Of course, it would still be necessary to make thousands of them and replace the burned out torches with these new redstone lights but at least it would only have to be done once.

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