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Minecraft -20- All that Glitters

May 5th, 2011 14:03 pm | by Ed |

You know one of these days I hope to find a desktop computers sale that features a 3ghz quad core machine with a top of the line Nvidea GEForce graphics card, three or four gigabytes of ram and a terabyte hard drive.

I am actually fast reaching a point where I *NEED* a computer like that. Between the regular videos on my tinfoilchefdotcom channel and the Minecraft videos on my selif1 channel, Not only do I need that massive terabyte hard drive to store everything but I also need the high performance graphics card to make it possible to record Minecraft gameplay at the best possible quality settings.

Of course I should also get a copy of Fraps to do the recording with. The unregistered version of Bandicam that I'm using is ok but I know full well that fraps is the best choice for recording gameplay.

Meanwhile, speaking of Minecraft . . .

The latest episode, #20, is now up! In this episode I start out with a tour of some things I did off camera and I also name an in game feature after the person who got me into this game. Then finally I get down to business continuing the branch mine shaft that was interrupted by the discovery of the spawner.

This episode includes a discovery of it's own.

Challenge: Can you spot the really stupid mistake I made between 17:30 and 20:00? Let me know in a youtube comment if you do.

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