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Redstone For The Everyday Guy - Pushbutton Minecart Launcher

May 6th, 2011 21:39 pm | by Ed |

One of the many things that I've found fascinating about Minecraft is Redstone and the circuits that you can build with it. I've seen quite a few videos that showed people doing some amazing and complex things with it.

What I have not found is a lot of tutorials about the more basic practical uses of Redstone circuits. Which is why I've decided to start making some tutorials in a new video series that I'm calling "Redstone For the Everyday Guy". It's aimed at people who, like me, are not programmers or computer experts but just want to get something to work.

I should say that I am learning this stuff as I go and at times it might look like I'm trying to put a set of Off Road Lights on a Cadillac but I assure you that while my circuits might look ugly as all get out, by the time they show up in a video they will work and that really is the most important part. Functioning first, pretty can wait.

In this first video in the new series I show how I built a simple circuit using an RS NOR latch, pushbuttons and one of the new detector rails to control a minecart launcher that uses the new powered rails in such a way that incoming carts do NOT bounce off of the stop block and go sailing back to where they came from.

I also talk about my experience in getting powered rail to move a cart uphill to the top of a 15 block incline. (hint: "butter armor" is a thing of the past, you're going to need all that gold for powered rails instead!)

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