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Seattle Flushes Automated Toilets

August 27th, 2008 21:18 pm | by Ed |

This is almost funny. It seems that a while back the city of Seattle had a really brilliant idea that involved spending $5 million dollars on some automated toilets. The idea was to take care of the city's need for more public restrooms without having to spend a fortune on maintenance. The automated, self-cleaning toilets were supposed to be the answer. After reading about them, I think I 'd rather consider using adult diapers instead of even walking near one, let alone using it.

The problem is that they turned out to be more of a headache than they were worth. The automated cleaning systems were jammed and clogged with trash and apparently the became an even bigger problem as they became "filthy hide-outs for drug use and prostitution".

That paints a *really* ugly picture. I mean, I almost understand the drug use part of it because people have been ducking into bathroom stalls to smoke, shoot or whatever it is they do with their favorite recreational drug but the prostitution part? Sorry, I just can't picture wanting to have anything to do with anybody that would be willing to do it in a public restroom, never mind paying for the "privilege".

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