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How to Remove Windows Messenger From XP

August 31st, 2008 00:05 am | by Ed |

Windows Messenger is one of those annoying things that was once a useful tool but has now become more a source of instant message spam than anything else. The trick however is to get rid of the thing, preferably without having to haul your system to a tech or pay one of those costly but handy geeks in the telltale company logo shirts to come out and fix it.

You should do this from your Administrator account because normal users don't have high enough priviliges for this.

There's two easy steps to get rid of it. First there's a file to edit. Find it by clicking Start and then Run. In the "Open" box type %SYSTEMROOT%\INF (WITH the % signs!) and click "ok". This will open a Windows Explorer window on your INF directory. Find a file in that directory called sysoc.inf and make a copy of it so you can put it back just in case something gets messed up.

Then right click on it and select "Open". Look for a line starting with "msmsgs". On my system it looks like this:


delete the word "hide" from that line, making sure to leave the commas there like this:


Then save the file and close it.

Now open the "Add Remove Programs" applet in the control panel. Click the Add / Remove Windows Components button on the left side of the window

Windows Messenger will now appear in that list. Remove the checkmark from its box and that should uninstall Windows Messenger

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