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Little Rodent Big Mouth Huge Pain

June 10th, 2011 23:10 pm | by Ed |

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with Bob. Since he's been off in the Minecraft Universe I've been finding out all sorts of "wonderful" little tidbits about him. There's the paternity suit against him, the state he left his room in, the loads of birthday party invitations he's been getting and speaking of Birthdays, I've gotten a request from him that he would really like to get a yakima bike rack for his next birthday (which is quite a ways off).

The thing is that I have something of a hard time understanding why he wants one. He doesn't even HAVE a bike, much less one that's large enough to fit such a rack. (remember, he's a gerbil, if he had a bike it'd be really small)

Not only that, but he also doesn't have anything to mount said rack ON. Just What he's thinking I may never understand.

I'm almost afraid to ask what he's going to come up with next.

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