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Minecraft -29- The Mob Tower

June 11th, 2011 09:08 am | by Ed |

Not long after I started playing Minecraft I learned about one of the fun things you could do in the game, Making TNT and blowing stuff up. In fact it didn't take me very long to come up with some practical uses for TNT. The problem is that the stuff is kinda hard to come by.

You see, in Minecraft a block of TNT is made from five gunpowder and four sand. The sand isn't a problem because it's all over the place but in order to get the gunpowder one has to kill creepers. Not the safest occupation ever conceived to say the least. Not only that but it's a painfully slow way to come up with enough gunpowder to make any significant amount of TNT.

Then I ran across a tutorial by SimpleGamerz, minecraft tutorial how to build a dark room trap, that showed how to build a trap that would make it a lot easier to collect the needed gunpowder.

Not long after that I saw AvidyaZen's videos: How To Create A Dark Room Trap - Minecraft and How To Create A Dark Room Trap Addendum - Minecraft

After that I went looking and found dozens more tutorials for several trap designs. Most of them weren't anywhere near as good a design and in fact, most of those videos were really badly done. They often either had somebody speaking that you could barely understand and only had a vague idea of how to make a tutorial. Then there's the tutorials that feature somebody doing something in game with their comments in text overlays instead of them talking. I positively HATE that kind of "tutorial" because it's really annoying trying to follow the text and what they're doing in game. Especially when it's clear that they only have the thinnest of clues in the first place.

With all that going on, I decided to build the trap that I thought was the best overall design. I also decided that I'd do it in my let's play series and try to include everything in it that I have wanted to see in a tutorial. This way it would not only be complete enough to satisfy me but it might also help others looking to build this type of trap.

Here is the first of three parts.

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