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FCC Gives Comcast 30 Days To Give Details Of Discriminatory Network Management Practices

September 2nd, 2008 13:45 pm | by Ed |

After a whole load of claims, counterclaims and assorted legal wrangling, the FCC has finally issued an order on the matter of Comcast interfering with p2p applications. On 8/20/08 they ordered (pdf) that among other things:

Comcast within 30 days to disclose the details of their unreasonable network management
practices, submit a compliance plan describing how it intends to stop these unreasonable management
practices by the end of the year, and disclose to both the Commission and the public the details of the
network management practices that it intends to deploy following termination of its current practices.

It's a long and very involved document and I haven't read the whole thing but I have seen enough to get the idea that if Comcast doesn't get it's act together they're going to be facing more than just the prospect of seeking new jobs in San Francisco to start new careers.

In partial response to the FCC, Bloomberg reports that Comcast "plans to slow Internet service to its heaviest users during periods of congestion".

This is despite the fact that the EFF, among others, has determined that the level of "congestion" that Comcast and other ISP's are complaining about is in actual fact very rare.

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