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Spring Cleaning At Mr. Helpful's House

July 7th, 2011 11:17 am | by Ed |

Once again it is that time of year where people typically take the time and spend some extra effort to do some extra house cleaning and basically get rid of a lot of the junk that accumulated over the winter. Including cleaning up and reorganizing areas that aren't part of the normal day to day cleanup routines.

Mr. Helpful is, in this respect, no different than anyone else. The part that *IS* different is when it comes time to clean up the basement.

He uses his basement for storage like most people do. The difference is in what he stores. As you probably recall, he has a tendency to occasionally make up some rather odd concoctions, both food (well, it's technically food I suppose) and non-food varieties. Anything from his latest cure for the common cold or a weight loss shake (ugh!) to new formulas for floor cleaning that could strip the paint off of a barn at forty yards.

The first step in getting this job done is in finding a supply of teflon hose for transferring the contents of several chemical waste barrels to a truck that will haul it off to be safely disposed of. He's tried other kinds of hose and piping but so far teflon is the one thing that won't get eaten up by what he's pumping through it.

Once the various barrels are empty then he has to flush them out several times and frequently there is the need to replace a few of them because they've become so corroded that it's not safe to use them anymore. This whole operation generally takes a couple of weeks to finish.

Now, aren't you glad you only have to clean out the garage and the refrigerator?

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