Warehousing Difficulties

One of the things I’m planning to build in my Minecraft Let’s Play is a warehouse. I really need to do this because between the skeleton spawner, the mob tower, my mining operations and various farming operations that I am either doing or planning to do, I’m producing a LOT of stuff that would really be better off stored in some kind of a central warehouse so that I have one place to go to pick up anything that I’m accumulating large amounts of.

The problem is the logistics of it. No matter how I try to design it there is going to be a LOT of material handling involved. I’m going to have to visit every place that I’ve got storage chests (and I have a LOT of them, mostly full) and transfer that material to the warehouse, sort it all out into storage chests there and then label all that stuff with signs.

I wish that storage minecarts would behave like “occupied minecarts”, at least when they are full, so that I could use them on my existing minecart track. As it is, I’m probably going to have to build a second track alongside the first because storage minecarts act like “unoccupied minecarts” which means they need a powered rail every eight blocks or so.

To say the least, that is going to be time consuming and expensive!

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