Too Much Variety

Variety is a good thing but I think that when it comes to batteries there is actually entirely too much variety. I honestly long for the days when Batteries came in A, AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, the big tall 1.5 (about 6 inches tall by 3inches diameter) volt dry cell batteries and car batteries instead of the literally thousands of battery designs currently available.

A good example is my camcorder’s battery. It’s almost shot, only holding a charge for about two to three minutes of recording time. It’s design is VERY simillar, with the same layout, as my cell phone battery. Since I *NEVER* use the cell phone I figured why not put it’s battery to use in something I do use.

Unfortunately, even though both batteries look exactly the same with the same connector shape, they’re not interchangeable because the body of the cell phone battery is *JUST* enough larger that it won’t fit in the camera.

Both batteries are 3.7 volts, have the same amp hour ratings and the same connectors on the end. The only difference is the size of the casing. I think that cell phone makers are doing this deliberately so that you have to buy the battery they specify (and are ultimately the only source for even if you find an “off brand” it’s still something they had made)

It’s the same thing with charger cords. most of them are just different enough that you have to buy a certain one or it won’t work. I don’t see why they don’t just all use a standard USB cable and be done with the crap.

Of course really I do see why. By having the special batteries or special cables, you have to go to them to get it and thus they squeeze you for more cash instead of letting you save money by using standardized parts & cables.

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